Seed for Wildlife Food Plots

Buckshot Forage Blend is mixed with several varieties of white flowering sweet peas that mature at separate intervals, designed for a longer season of growth and forage.

Kurt Braunwart of ProGene Plant Research developed the Austrian winter pea varieties in Buckshot Blend.

Just because it is already fall and your summer planted food plots appear to be failing, there is no need to despair -- a second try could be the charm.

In the past, if your food plots didn't show some serious growth by mid-September, it was time to consider pulling the plug on Plan A and start looking for another site to set up your blind.

"Not so fast," says plant breeder Kurt Braunwart. "That might have been true in the past, but not anymore."

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Why Not Purple?

White flowers have the absence of anthocyanin which is the pigment producing flavanoid responsible for the purple flower and stem color in many varieties of spring forage peas. It also contributes to a plant's bitterness.

"The less anthocyanin a plant has, the sweeter it is," explains Braunwart, "while the color itself doesn't affect the flavor, the chemical that creates the color does."

The result is a sweeter forage for better palatability and preference by wildlife.

What do you mean by
Varieties Mature at
Separate Invervals?

"With the Buckshot Blend, you have a generous two-course salad bar that runs from late summer through to the next spring," says Braunwart. "First, you serve white flowered spring peas, then just as the cold weather set in, out comes the white flowered winter peas."

One hunter-bonus feature that exists in all three varieties is that they produce a smaller seed.

"Smaller seed-size to get more plants for each pound planted -- that can be a real money saver when you put in a food plot."

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Available in 50-LB bags.

Grown and blended in U.S.A.
by George F. Brocke & Sons, Inc.
Kendrick, Idaho
(208) 289-4231

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Give’em What They Want

Below are photos of food plots planted with Buckshot Blend being visited by deer and turkeys.